Maintenance Schedules

Meets Minimum Factory Requirements
15,000 Mile Intervals
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• Change Engine Oil and Filter (5 qts.Non-synthetic oil)

• Rotate Tires

• Alignment

• Replace Cabin Air Filter

• Replace Engine Air Filter

Inspect the following items:

• Brake inspection

• Automatic transmission fluid level/condition or

• Manual transmission fluid level/condition, clutch operation

• Engine coolant level/condition (Replace at 60K)

• Cooling system for visible leaks/damage - pressure check

• Function of all lights/horn/washer spray

  • • Inspect battery / check performance

  • • Wiper blades/inserts

• Brake fluid level/condition and pedal operation

• Tire inflation pressure and tire wear

• Power steering fluid level/condition

• Washer fluid level

• Fuel tank air filter and fuel filter

• Fuel lines, hoses, and filler cap

• Brake lines, hoses and connections

• Steering operation and linkages

• Front and rear suspension and ball joints

• Wheel bearing axial play

• Air conditioning compressor / refrigerant / performance

• Check for oil and/or fluid leaks

• Inspect drive belts for wear/condition

• Lubricate all locks and hinges

• Tighten bolts & nuts on chassis/body

• Vacuum Hoses


Additional items may be recommended based on the inspection 




Condition Specific

15,000 Mile Intervals


Engine Oil Change (5 qts Non-Synthetic Oil) starting at $39.95
Synthetic Blend Oil starting at $49.95
Full Synthetic Oil starting at $89.95
Replace Air Filter starting at $39.95
Replace Cabin Air Filter starting at $49.95
HVAC Deodorizer starting at $99.95
Engine Cooling System Fluid Exchange starting at $129.95
Headlamp Bulb Replacement (1) starting at $59.95
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange starting at $229.99
Replace Manual Transmission Fluid starting at $89.95
Brake System Fluid Exchange starting at $124.99
Power Steering Fluid Exchange starting at $124.99
Deposit Control Kit (Oil & Filter Additives) starting at $19.95
Fuel Injection Services starting at $159.99
Replace Fuel Filter starting at $52.95
Front Differential Service starting at $99.99
Rear Differential Service starting at $99.99
Transfer Case Service starting at $99.99
Interior Detail starting at $129.99
Exterior Detail starting at $129.99
Complete Detail starting at $269.99
Mini Detail starting at $39.95
Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment starting at $89.95
Tire Rotation (Included on 15,000 Interval Service) starting at $14.95


NOTE: This Service Menu is based on the manufacturer's (and dealer) maintenance recommendations and may meet or exceed those recommendations. It is designed to cover the needs of a vehicle driven under local area driving conditions. You may require more or less maintenance depending on use, driving conditions, and special equipment or options.

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